Meet Jessica

Hi! I'm Jessica Speaks, your average southern belle from Savannah, GA, where we go through all four seasons in just one day. Growing up, me and my hair always had a love-hate relationship. I am no stranger to the relaxers and my all-time favorite, the hot comb (sarcasm) and not these new fancy hot combs that you plug in. I'm talking about the one you had to put on the stove burner and rub in a paper towel with the Dax hair grease and pray to the heavens that your mom doesn't burn your ear. For most of my life, I've hidden my hair away under wigs and weaves or tied up in braids because I just wasn't equipped to deal with it. Then one day, I had an epiphany. I'm out here in the world, a whole chemist. Proud graduate of Armstrong Atlantic State University. I told myself, make products that work for you and so... I did!